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Frequently Asked Questions


DAD'S  Pet Foods product line includes dry foods for both dogs and cats. Our dog food products include: Bite Size MealTrail Mix and Econ-O-Mets. Under the DAD'S brand, we also offer Kibble Select Complete for your dog in an option that features balanced nutrition from key food groups.

DAD'S™ Pet Foods are available nearly everywhere you shop for pet food, including nationally at Dollar General and Tractor Supply Company. For a complete listing, look for the "Where to buy" button at the top of every page on the DAD'S website.

Because DAD'S™ sources as many ingredients as possible from small, local farms, we're able to keep our transportation costs low, our ingredients fresh, and our prices competitive. We've remained a local, family-owned company for more than 75 years, which means we don't ship ingredients from across the country or overseas like some of our corporate competitors. For these reasons, DAD'S™ provides an excellent value and quality.




Our nutritional experts have developed a variety of delicious and wholesome foods to keep your furry best friend healthy and happy. Each recipe is 100% complete and balanced with all the added nutrients they need for strong teeth and bones, a shiny, healthy coat and a healthy immune system.

Grains include wheat, barley, rice, and oats and contain many important nutrients, such as proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which is why they are often included in dog food.

All ingredients selected for our cat and dog food products have a specific function. Our diets are formulated to meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines for healthy pets.

Soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, etc. are excellent dietary sources of vitamin K, and there is not a toxic dose of Vitamin K that can be ingested by your pet. Vitamin K is essential to your pet for normal blood function, and is manufactured by bacteria within the intestines. Without Vitamin K, blood cannot clot.

DAD'S™ Pet Foods product line includes dry foods for both dogs and cats. Our dog food product line includes Bite Size Meal, Trail Mix, and Econ-O-Mets. We also have our line of Kibble Select Complete dog food under the DAD'S™ brand that offers balanced nutrition from key food groups.

BHA is an anti-oxidant used to protect against staleness. We understand there’s a lot of misinformation online, but it’s a common ingredient that is safe to consume and complies with United States Food and Drug Administration requirements. We care about the wellness and safety of all pets, including our own, and would never offer a product that wasn’t deemed safe by the FDA for pets to consume.

DAD'S™ uses artificial colors in some of its foods to enhance their appearance.

Propylene glycol is used in DAD'S™ dog foods. Propylene glycol is an ingredient used to preserve moisture and flavor. We understand there’s a lot of misinformation online about propylene glycol, but it is a common ingredient in both human and dog food that is approved by the FDA for pets to consume.

High fructose corn syrup is a liquid sugar produced from corn. It is added to some of our pet treats and food for flavor and texture.

Both chicken meal and chicken by-product is made from rendered, clean chicken parts. The main difference is the parts of the chicken that are utilized. While somewhat different in makeup, scientific evidence has shown that there is little nutritional content difference in chicken meal vs. chicken by product. There is also no evidence of digestibility differences between the two.




DAD'S™ products are manufactured by The J.M. Smucker Company. To learn more about The J.M. Smucker Company, please visit




We're a company of pet lovers and there is nothing more important to us than the quality and safety of our products. Our processes and operations are uncompromising to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, purity, and safety. We employ an approach above and beyond regulatory requirements and always look for ways to improve. And these same standards apply across all our facilities.

DAD’S™ products are made with quality ingredients that meet the applicable standards and specifications of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Every trusted ingredient supplier goes through rigorous qualification and testing. As pet parents ourselves, we only want the best for our furry family members.

As part of our product innovation and development process, we work with a reputable third-party pet care facility to determine the palatability, digestibility, and enjoyment of our pet food and snacks. This third-party operator shares our commitment to the health and contentment of each pet in their care and does not perform, support, or sponsor invasive testing on pets. The trained staff provides compassionate care, with pets given individual comfortable living areas, regular veterinary check-ups, teeth-cleaning, and daily play and activities.




We are committed to making great tasting pet foods that are wholesome and nutritious. If you or your pet is not completely satisfied with this product, just let us know and we'll gladly buy the package back. Call us at 1-800-DADSPET (1-800-323-7738) weekdays. For more information about DAD'S Pet Foods, visit, call our customer service line at 1-800-DADSPET (1-800-323-7738), or Contact Us.

If your pet has a sensitive stomach you should change gradually over a 7-10 day period, adding more DAD'S™ food to the bowl of your previous food each day. It may take up to 10 days for your pet's entire system to become fully acclimated.

DAD'S™ dog foods are made for dogs of all sizes. The chart below represents average recommended daily portions, but you may need to feed slightly more or less, depending on your dog's activity level and overall fitness (using 8 oz. measuring cup).

 Adult Dog Size  Feeding Amount
 3 to 12 lbs.  1/3 to 1-1/3 cups
 13 to 25 lbs.   1-1/4 to 2 cups
 26 to 50 lbs.   2 to 3-1/3 cups
 51 to 100lbs  3-1/3 to 5-1/2 cups
 100 lbs. +  5-1/2, plus 1/2 cup for every additional 12 lbs. 

Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about your dog's ideal weight and adjust your amounts accordingly.


DAD'S™ Bite Size Meal contains 3,270 kilocalories per kilogram (kcal/kg, calculated), or 300 kilocalories per cup, of metabolizable energy (ME) on an as fed basis.

DAD'S™ Trail Mix contains 3,320 kilocalories per kilogram (kcal/kg, calculated), or 310 kilocalories per cup, of metabolizable energy (ME) on an as fed basis.

DAD'S™ Econ-O-Mets contains 3,090 kilocalories per kilogram (kcal/kg, calculated), or 280 kilocalories per cup, of metabolizable energy (ME) on an as fed basis.

DAD'S™ Kibble Select Complete Original contains 3,063 kilocalories per kilogram (kcal/kg, calculated), or 312 kilocalories per cup, of metabolizable energy (ME) on an as fed basis.