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In 1933, George "Dad" Lang's Springer Spaniel had a surprisingly large litter of pups—eleven! At the time, commercial dog food cost five cents a pound, and work (if you could find it) paid forty cents an hour. To avoid going broke feeding his new pups, George tried making his own dog food. With an old peanut roaster, he combined "DAD'S Health Wheat"(a product his father was then selling) with meat meal.

The result was a biscuit the dogs thrived on. DAD'S Pet Care has since grown into a pet food manufacturer with national distribution. The Lang family still owns and operates DAD'S Pet Care from our Meadville, Pennsylvania plant. We've retained George's commitment to combine the highest quality ingredients purchased from local farmers into great-tasting, nutritious pet foods. Generations of championship animals fed on DAD'S affirm this commitment.

At DAD'S, we've always prided ourselves on using only the finest ingredients in our pet foods. That's why we don't believe in corporate commodities brokers, we believe in relationships. Like the relationships we've built with local farmers. You see, we know buying locally allows us to get the freshest ingredients for our pet foods. These long-term relationships we've built with local farmers ensure your pet gets the best possible product. And buying locally means we can keep transportation costs low so you get the best possible price.

It’s all part of our "From the Farm to the Bowl®" philosophy that Dad himself started long ago. And when you care about pets the way we do, it's the best and only way to do business.